Trade Terms & Conditions

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit from {} (“TDW”).


Order payments on are required to be processed over Bank Transfer unless otherwise agreed on. Please contact for any questions about alternative supported payment methods. 
Orders are required to be paid in full after order placement unless otherwise agreed on. Partial payments are possible for orders with a larger total amount. Please contact for any questions about partial order payments. 

Trade orders can be returned in the next 15 days after being received. 
The trade partner is fully responsible for sending the items back to our warehouse. This means that the order has to be packed securely to avoid any damages during shipping. 
Items that arrived damaged as part of a return will not be refunded. The cost of the damaged items will be deducted from the total refund. 
Returns from private customers can not be sent back to our warehouses directly. These returns will not be accepted and will be sent back to the trade partner. The return shipping charges will be placed on the trade partner account. 


Refunds will be sent to the paying bank account or through the original payment gateway unless otherwise discussed. Note that for a refund to be processed on a different bank account or through a different payment gateway, this should be discussed and agreed on with the TDW trade team. Please contact if you wish for a refund to be sent to a different account. 
Inventions, content, intellectual property, and other protective rights *[Referred to as “content”]


Delays may occur during the production or fulfillment of an order; these are often related to issues beyond our control. TDW is not liable for any problems related to such delays, and cancelation terms remain the same.   You can contact our support at for any status updates if delays occur. 


• Images can be used by trade partners for marketing and trade activities.     
• Images can not be shared outside of the trade partner team. 
The license in Sec. 6.1 comprises all future, as yet unknown, types of use and mainly implies the right of exploitation, publication, translation, duplication, distribution, public reproduction, storage on every kind of medium as well as processing and modification inclusive use and repetition of the thereby respectively occurring results as well as their respective exploitation, publication, translation, duplication. Distribution, public reproduction, storage on every kind of medium. A further consent of the contractor for the entire or partial exercise of the use and exploitation fights is not necessary. 
Agreement cancelations

TDW holds the right to terminate any trade agreement with a trade partner at any given moment without the requirement of notice or specific justification. 
The termination of a trade agreement means that TDW trade will suspend any trade operations that fall under the trade agreement. (Ex: trade discounts, the possibility to place trade orders, access to marketing content, …).
Our support team remains available at all times. 
Trade data: 

A trade partner can request a trade or other data that is held by TDW at any moment, as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please contact to receive or request complete removal of all data held by TDW. 
For any other questions related to TDW trade, please contact For any legal questions or concerns, please contact 
Thank you, 
The TDW Trade Team