Berlin fulfilment

Fulfilment Serivces Berlin

The TDW warehouse offers fulfillment services for small to medium-sized brands seeking to fulfill their orders and store their inventory professionally.

Fast fulfilment that you can trust

We offer fast, accurate fulfillment and storage service for small to medium-sized brands from our 470 sqm Berlin warehouse.

We are not a pure fulfillment company; we mainly fulfill items from our brands from the warehouse and offer to do this for other brands.

This means that we fulfill your order with the same quality and speed as our brands. Fulfilling from our warehouse means that you will only pay a fixed monthly fee based on your order volume without any hidden fees.

Additionally: you can visit the warehouse and talk with someone about your operations at all times.

What do we offer?

We only work with smaller brands
We are not a pure fulfillment company. We mainly ship items from our brands. This means that we will handle your orders in the same way we handle orders of our brands and that you can have a direct overview of your fulfillment at all times. 
Fixed monthly fee, no hidden costs
We don't charge you per shipment or charge additional fees based on the order. Our fulfillment service comes at a fixed monthly rate and includes: storage of your goods, packing your orders, shipping your orders to your customers with the shipping service of your choice, packing material.
Track your shippments 24/7
Using our fulfillment services will give you access to a custom dashboard to see exactly how many items you have at the warehouse, which orders have been shipped, and more...Additionally: we integrate directly with Shopify.
Direct contact with the warehouse and management team at all times
No need to create countless support tickets. By using our fulfillment services, you will be in direct contact with the warehouse and management team at all times.
You can choose to communicate with us via email or Slack.
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Fulfill your orders with a fulfillment team you can trust

Here’s a brief description of the features.
Fixed monthly price
Direct contact with our team
Direct overview of fulfilment
Fast shipping
*We only work with small to medium-sized brands.

Complete fulfilment

Fixed monthly price
Our service includes:
Fast and reliable
Professional packing supplies
Fixed monthly price for all orders
Direct contact with our team
Order and inventory dashboard
Storage for your inventory